Is a cosmetic procedure right for me?

Having a cosmetic procedure is a big decision, so it's important not to rush into anything.

All procedures have some risks. If you're disappointed with the outcome, this can also have an impact on your emotional wellbeing.

Some people look at a cosmetic procedure to solve life problems, or during difficult times in their lives.

Do not assume that a cosmetic procedure will make everything better. How you feel about how you look is only one aspect of your wellbeing.

Things like your lifestyle, social life, work and what you eat are also important.

Ask yourself some questions

If you're considering a cosmetic procedure, start by asking yourself:

Do your research

To help you make your decision:

Talk to an expert

Before deciding on any procedure, make sure you speak to a professional.

Book a consultation with the person doing the procedure.

They should:

Be clear about the change you want to see and the reasons why.

Read more about choosing who will do your cosmetic procedure

If you're feeling anxious about your relationships, social situations or work, counselling might help.

Talking to a relationship or careers counsellor could help you find ways to overcome these anxieties and build your confidence.

You can access talking therapies for free on the NHS.

Find an NHS talking therapies service

Take time to decide

Do not feel pressured or rushed into making a decision.

You should be given a cooling-off period after your consultation to decide if you want to go ahead.

Make sure you:

If you're not completely comfortable with the practitioner or the procedure, you can walk away.

Your mental health

If you're having treatment for a mental health condition, talk to the person treating you about having a cosmetic procedure.

Make sure you also tell your cosmetic practitioner about any mental health problems you have had in the past or are still being treated for.

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