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NHS Syndicated content

Each month, millions of people access NHS content via partner websites, applications and other internet-connected devices, including NHS organisations, local authorities and various well known commercial companies.

What is NHS Syndication?

Our free syndication programme allows you to pull content from the NHS website via an Application Programming Interface (API). This means that any information you syndicate will remain up-to-date, regardless of any changes we make. This content spans the website, meaning you can pull in single articles on a condition, whole chunks of information on stopping smoking or weight loss or finding local NHS services. We have two content formats available for syndication:


The content and data is supplied in .json and .xml, which you can integrate with any web solution and add your desired style. It can also be used to power mobile applications, smart TV channels and other digital devices. You will need someone with the requisite technical knowledge to manage the API integration. Once you have registered to our portal, you will be able to try out the APIs here in our sandbox environment.


If you don't have the technical knowledge to implement the API, you can use our widgets to integrate find services (directory of health and social care services) and conditions and treatments (Health A-Z). These widgets are easy to configure and work by giving you embed code to add to your webpages. Visit our widget library for further information.

Modularised NHS content

As well as whole pages of conditions content, you can also now get some smaller, more specific sections (called “modules”) in our Health A to Z API and widget. Read the modularised NHS content quick guide to find out more

Get started with APIs today

Our five-step guide will walk you through how to set up and integrate an API into your website, app or service.

Summary of terms

By using the NHS website syndicated content, you agree to be bound by the standard licence terms. View our summary of terms for more information on attribution, caching and usage.

Data sets

While information and data that is already published cannot be subject to an FOI request, you can download extracts of our latest datasets in a re-usable format. You can also find out what we're doing to improve our open data programme.