NHS Choices syndicated content

Each month, around 10 million people access NHS Choices content via more than 800 partner websites, applications and other internet-connected devices, including more than 200 NHS organisations, local authorities and commercial companies such as Microsoft, Mumsnet and Boots.

Our free syndication programme allows partners to embed NHS Choices content (including multimedia tools and videos) within their websites, negating the need for in-house development or external signposting. In the past year, 50 million people have viewed NHS content via partner websites. For example, Microsoft Bing uses our content to power their GP and Hospital experience for local search queries, and Myria Systems has implemented the information across a range of GP websites.

New API developer portal

To improve the way partners syndicate NHS content in their apps or services we are migrating our APIs to a new API developer portal. Partners can sign up to use the Content API and gain instant access to the API along with various widgets and support documentation.

This year we are working towards migrating all the V1 syndication feeds into the new API Developer Portal which will hep you integrate the feeds better into your service and application. The APIs listed under the developer portal will be available in JSON and XML. As we migrate we will gradually retire v1 and any new or updated content will not be available so you will have to use the new APIs to get the latest content.

Here is where you can find the API’s we have on offer and we will update as we migrate the feeds.

API Developer Portal

V1 Syndication

Other APIs

Behind the Headlines API

Inbound Comments API

Video API

Inbound Organisation API


GP Catchment Area Search API

Common Health Questions

Search API (beta)


Organisation and Service API (beta)




Migrating from v1.syndication.nhschoices.nhs.uk (v1) to api.nhs.uk (Content API)

To help partners who are migrating to the Content API from v1 please read through the API Migration Guide.

What is NHS Choices syndication?

Syndication allows you to pull content from the NHS Choices website via a feed. This means that any information you syndicate will remain up-to-date, regardless of any changes we make. This content spans the website, meaning you can pull in single articles on a condition, or whole chunks of information on stopping smoking or weight loss. We have four content formats available for syndication:

Feeds – The content and data is supplied in .json and .xml, which you can integrate with any web solution and add any styling desired. It can also be used to power mobile applications, smart TV channels and others. You will need someone with the requisite technical knowledge to manage the feeds integration. Once you fill in the application form, you will be given an API key which will allow you to access the feeds and the necessary documentation to guide you through the process. 

Videos – The videos are accessed by embedding them directly from the site, or we can build you a multiplayer containing multiple videos. When you fill in the application form, inform us about your needs and we will try to respond to your requirements. Browse our video library for more guidance. Please note we no longer supply videos in hard copy format.

Tools – If you wish to use any of our tools, read the Tool Usage guidance and let your syndication manager know which ones you require.

Widgets – Content via syndication should be simple to integrate, assuming you have access to someone with the requisite technical knowledge as it will involve writing back-end script such as PHP, .NET, etc. If you don't have this knowledge or access to it, you can use our widgets to integrate Services near you (directory of health and social care services), Health A-Z (conditions and treatments explained), Live Well (healthy living advice) and Care and support (social care and dementia). The widgets are easy to configure and use, and work by giving you embedding code to add to your webpages, producing the desired widget. For further information, see our Syndication widget area.

How to register

If you are an organisation looking to use NHS Choices content on your digital platforms, simply sign up to either the Content API or the v1 syndication feeds.

We are currently only collecting basic information however, upon use of the API in a live environment we will require more details from you.

Contact the NHS Choices Service Desk (nhschoicesservicedesk@nhs.net) for any enquiries.