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Summary of terms

Standard licence terms

By using the NHS website syndicated content, you agree to be bound by the standard licence terms. You can view the complete agreement here.


Any syndicated content must incorporate the following attribution (credit) to the NHS website:

Content supplied by the NHS website logo
Content supplied by the NHS website logo

The logo should be clearly visible and in line with the associated content on every web page that contains the syndicated content. You should also link this logo to the relevant page on the NHS website that the content has been supplied from. This URL is supplied as part of the feed under author:

"author": {
  "url": "",
  "logo": "",
  "email": "",
  "@type": "Organization",
  "name": "NHS website"

If you are displaying NHS syndicated content in a context where a functional link back to the article on the NHS website is not possible then you should use the following attribution (credit):



You must ensure that where such tracking pixels/tag are provided, they are implemented as required and remain in place at all times to enable usage tracking to create a monthly report, aggregated across all syndication partners, detailing total page view. You can find the tracking pixel under the interactionStatistic:

"interactionStatistic": [{
  "interactionService": {
    "url": "<img style='border: 0; width: 1px; height: 1px;' alt='' src=''/>",
    "@type": "Website",
    "name": "Webtrends tracking pixel"
  "@type": "InteractionCounter"

If you are using the API on a platform where a tracking pixel is not compatible (mobile app) then you will need to supply us with a monthly report on usage. Please contact for more information.


Caching of all syndicated content is recommended, and you should do so where possible. Unless otherwise notified to you by the Syndication team, you should refresh cached syndicated content page views by feed. Content as follows: Behind The Headlines - no less than once every 24 hours; all other syndicated content - no less than once every 7 days. If instructed to refresh cached Syndicated content, you must do so immediately.

Usage caps

You are not to call the APIs over 4,000 times in any one hour unless you have notified such intention to the Syndication team in advance and they have confirmed in writing that they are content for you to do so. When using the trial subscription on initial sign up you will only be able to run 10 calls/minute up to a maximum of 1,000 calls per month. A full subscription caps usage at 4,000 calls per hour.

Contact details

You must provide accurate contact details that must be kept up to date while you are receiving syndicated content. Failure to keep contact details updated will breach the agreement and may result in your subscription being disabled. You can check your details on your profile.