Content via syndication should be simple to integrate, assuming you have access to someone with the requisite technical knowledge as it will involve writing back-end script such as PHP, .NET, etc. If you don't have this knowledge or access to it, you can use our widgets to integrate Services near you (directory of health and social care services), Health A-Z (conditions and treatments explained), Live Well (healthy living advice) and Care and support (social care and dementia). The widgets are easy to configure and use, and work by giving you embedding code to add to your webpages, producing the desired widget.

Behind the Headlines

The Behind the Headlines widget can be configured to display the latest articles on the Behind the Headlines news site. Learn more


Find Services

The find services widget can be configured to display NHS services (GPs, hospitals, dentists, pharmacies & opticians), searchable via postcode. Learn more



The conditions widget brings in content from our conditions and treatments pages, allowing you to build a widget for a specific condition or treatment. Learn more

Live Well

The live well widget brings you over 100 public health topics in widget form. You can either embed a widget with information around a single topic, such as smoking cessation, fitness or winter health, or create a bundled widget, with content from multiple areas. Learn more

Comments Widget

The comments widget allows you to embed ratings and comments associated with a hospital, GP practice, Dentist, Pharmacy or Care Provider onto your website. This will give your customers the ability to view comments and encourage them to leave more feedback. Learn more

Social Care Content Widget

The social care content widget allows you to display selected articles from the NHS Choices Social Care and Support hub on your website. This guide explains how to configure and implement the widget. Learn more

Dementia Content and Service Search Widget

The dementia widget allows you to embed selected information on dementia information and support services onto your website. This will give your users the ability to read articles concerning one or more topics on your own website. Learn more

Commenting Widget for NHS services

The NHS Choices commenting widget allows users of your website to rate and submit reviews on different NHS and social care organisations for display on NHS Choices. Learn more

Commenting Widget for social care

This widget will allow users to rate and submit reviews on different social care organisations. Learn more