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Modularised NHS content: quick guide

If you sign up to the NHS syndication service, you can use a “modularised” version of content from the NHS website in your product or service.

About our modularised content

The standard content available through our syndication service is based on the full pages on the NHS website.

Illustration of content being delivered as whole web pages from the NHS website to another product or service
Our standard content syndication

With our modularised content, you can instead choose to use shorter, more specific sections of content (called “modules”) from our pages.

Illustration of content being delivered in small blocks from the NHS website to another product or service
Our modularised content syndication

This means you can show your users only the content that’s most relevant to them. You can also use this content more easily in services like apps and voice assistants.

How our modularised content works

We create modules by adding labels to sections of content on our web pages. These labels describe what each section covers.

For example, on our medical condition pages we have labels for sections on “symptoms”, “self-care” and "medical treatments".

Illustration highlighting symptoms and self-care content modules within the urinary tract infections topic on the NHS website
Example modules on our urinary tract infections page

These labels are based on international standards for structured data from They’re added to the code of our pages so the modules can be used by our syndication service.

Before being made available for syndication, each module is checked by our clinical team to make sure it remains accurate and safe to use in isolation.

Benefits of our modularised content

1. More relevant content for users

Users do not always want or need full pages of content. With our modularised content, you can choose exactly what your users get.

2. Suitable for a range of services

Short, specific content modules can be used more easily than full web pages in services like apps, chatbots and voice assistants.

3. Clinical assurance

Each module is checked by NHS clinicians before being made available and carries the trusted NHS brand.

4. Automatic updates

We automatically update content in any modules you use. So you’ll always have the latest content in your product or service.

5. You can help us improve

Our modularised content is still being developed. Email us at if you'd like to work with us to improve it.

Available modularised content

We currently have modularised content for 250 of the most popular medical conditions on the NHS website.

Available conditions include:

  • chickenpox
  • urinary tract infections
  • high blood pressure
  • chest infections
  • irritable bowel syndrome

Each topic has up to 8 content modules you can choose from.

Available modules

Content modules available through the NHS.UK syndication service.
Module Description
Overview Summary of what the condition is and any key symptoms, treatments or causes
Symptoms summary Short summary of some of the main symptoms of the condition
Symptoms Content on all the main symptoms of the condition
Treatment summary Short summary of the main treatments for the condition
Self-care Content on what patients can do to manage the condition
Medical treatments Content on medical treatments for the condition
Causes summary Short summary of the main causes of the condition
Prevention summary Short summary of the main ways to help prevent the condition

Future topics and modules

Over time, we plan to:

  • add more medical conditions and symptoms
  • make more modules available, such as “causes”, “prevention” and “when to get medical help”
  • modularise other types of content on the NHS website, such as medicines, medical tests and procedures

If you’re interested in helping us improve our modularised content, email us at

Using our modularised content

You can use our modularised content with our:

  • conditions API – data you can integrate into your service that lets you add your own styles to our content
  • Health A-Z widget – a simple content box using NHS website styles you can embed into your service