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Getting started

We have a range of APIs that will allow you to syndicate content from the NHS website. To implement the API will take some technical knowledge. If you don’t have this knowledge or access to it, check out our widgets.

1. Create your account

Registering is quick and easy using our registration form. Once you have an account, you'll be able to access all our APIs and widgets.

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2. Try our APIs

If you are interested in our APIs, visit our API library and the first time you try out an API it will subscribe to our ‘All products trial subscription’. This will allow you to call all of our APIs. There’s no authorisation required and it is perfect for development work, but it’s limited to 1,000 calls per month.

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3. Subscribe to the full API

After you have finished your development, you should subscribe to the appropriate API product. Before this is authorised, you will need to answer a few simple questions regarding usage and analytics.

4. Start using the APIs

Congratulations, you are now an NHS Digital Syndication partner. As a partner, we want to work with you to help you innovate and create amazing products. We are here to help, so please keep in touch and give us any feedback on how we can improve this service.

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5. Stay engaged

Please keep your details as up to date as possible. We are always looking at improving our service and if this means a change in the API, we need to be able to contact you. You can amend your details by updating your account.

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