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NHS APIs Live Well API

Content from the Live Well section on the NHS website. Includes advice, tips and tools about a range of lifestyle topics, such as healthy eating, weight loss and exercise.

Important: Migration of NHS website syndication APIs

We are migrating the NHS website syndication APIs to the NHS Developer and integration hub.

The combined NHS Website Content API v2 (including the Live Well API) is now available on the hub. If you currently use this API, you need to migrate to the new Content API. Please use our migration guide and migration assistant to help you through the migration process.

This API is accessed through HTTP and returns data in a JSON format.

Base URL

All requests to this API should start with the following base URL:

API Version

The API version number can be supplied as a query parameter:


Authentication and Headers

Your request must include a subscription-key header with a valid subscription key.

Request header keys and values
Header key Header value

Login or register to get an API key to use this API


An endpoint is added to the base URL to create the full request URL. Some APIs have more than 1 type of endpoint you can use.

All pages


GET `/`


200 -




GET `/*`


200 -



Any syndicated content must incorporate the following attribution (credit) to the NHS website:

Content supplied by the NHS website logo

The logo should be clearly visible and in line with the associated content on every web page that contains the syndicated content. You should also link this logo to the relevant page on the NHS website that the content has been supplied from. This URL is supplied as part of the feed under author:

"author": {
  "url": "",
  "logo": "",
  "email": "",
  "@type": "Organization",
  "name": "NHS website"

If you are displaying NHS syndicated content in a context where a functional link back to the article on the NHS website is not possible then you should use the following attribution (credit):



Caching all content supplied through our API is recommended where possible. Unless otherwise notified by the syndication team, you should refresh cached content at least once every 7 days. If instructed to refresh cached our content, you must do so immediately.


Certain topics on the NHS website need to be refreshed more frequently than every 7 days. Find out about content not covered by our standard terms and conditions.

Usage caps

When using a trial subscription, you will only be able to run 10 calls/minute up to a maximum of 1,000 calls per month. A full subscription caps usage at 4,000 calls per hour. You are not to call the APIs over 4,000 times in any one-hour period, unless you have notified the syndication team in advance and they have confirmed in writing that you can do so.

Standard licence terms

By using the NHS website syndicated content, you agree to be bound by the standard licence terms.

Your contact details

You must provide accurate contact details that must be kept up to date while you are using our content. Failure to keep contact details updated is a breach of our licence terms and may result in your subscription being disabled. You can check your details on your profile.


Help and support

If you need help using any of our APIs , please email the NHS website service desk at