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NHS.UK syndication case study eConsult

Find out how eConsult uses content from the NHS website in their service.

About eConsult

eConsult is a browser-based triage and consultation tool for NHS GPs.

GP practices using the tool can enable access for their patients through their practice website.

Example screetshot of eConsult website

Patients can use the tool to:

  • check symptoms and get appropriate self-help advice or further treatment and advice from their GP
  • find out about local services that can help them
  • complete a questionnaire about their health and symptoms for review by their GP

The tool is intended to relieve pressure on GPs by reducing the number of unnecessary consultations.

"The self-help advice helped build on the response from a previous GP appointment, but without another appointment slot."

eConsult user


The eConsult tool is currently used by more than 300 GP practices. In 2018, almost 700,000 users visited the eConsult pages for their GP practice.

How eConsult uses NHS content

Content from the NHS website about symptoms, self-care and complications for a range of common conditions is included in the eConsult tool.

Example screetshot of eConsult website

The content is sourced from NHS.UK through our Health A to Z API.

When patients access content on the eConsult tool, a call is made to this API, so the latest content on medical conditions from the NHS website is surfaced.

"We have a lot of faith in the content provided. It is credible, clinically robust and NHS validated."

Murray Ellender, eConsult

Get started with our APIs

If you’re interested in using content from the NHS website in your product or service, find out about how to start using our APIs.