Household gadgets and equipment to make life easier

If you, or someone you know, struggles with everyday tasks, there might be gadgets or equipment to help make life easier.

Equipment that can help

Going to the toilet

Using the bathroom

Cooking and eating

Getting out of bed or out of a chair

Getting dressed

Caring for children

Staying safe

Read about key safes, intercoms and sensors that alert carers if you fall in our guide to personal alarms and security systems.

How to get gadgets and equipment

Gadgets and equipment can be small or big, and costs vary.

The Living made easy website will give you an idea of the types of equipment available, what they cost and where to buy them.

How your council can help

Your local council offers a service that assesses your home and recommends equipment or adaptations. Having a home assessment is free.

Ask social services at your local council about getting a home assessment.

Find your local council and apply for equipment for your home if you're disabled, on GOV.UK.

A home assessment might also identify home adaptations that would make life easier for you.

Getting a grant

If you have an illness or disability and cannot get the help you need from your local council or the NHS, you might be able to get a grant to help with the costs.

Independence at Home has grants for disabled people and those with a long-term illness who need financial help.

Hiring or loaning equipment

You might want to hire equipment, for example to see if it's right for you before buying, if you only need it for a short while or you need it to take on holiday.

Try searching online for:

You may be able to hire a commode, toilet seat or toilet frame from the Red Cross.

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