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Coronavirus API

Our coronavirus API allows you to integrate the coronavirus (COVID-19) information from the NHS website into your website, product or service. You can add your own styles to make the content fit with your other content.

Manually refresh the content regularly to make sure you always have the latest version.

Using the API requires some technical expertise. If you do not feel you have this, you could use our coronavirus widget instead.

How to use the coronavirus API

  1. Step 1 Choose the type of content you want to syndicate

    The standard website content available through our syndication service is based on the full coronavirus pages on the NHS website.

    With our modularised content, you can instead choose to use shorter, more specific sections of content – for example, sections on symptoms or prevention. All sections are checked by our clinical team to make sure they remain accurate and safe to use in isolation.

    Refresh rates

    How often you need to refresh our coronavirus content depends on the type of content you're using.

    • Website content: at least every 3 hours.
    • Modularised content: at least every 7 days (we recommend every 24 hours).

    Choose if you’d like to syndicate standard website content or modularised content:
  2. Step 2 Tell us where the API will be used

    So we can check how the API is being used, we need to know where you intend to use it.

  3. Step 3 Generate API endpoint and code examples

    Please complete step 2 to generate the correct endpoint and examples.

  4. Step 3 Style and consume components

    Within the mainEntityOfPage property, our content is chunked up into various components. Here is a list of all components which could be used on the coronavirus page.

    The NHS Digital service manual includes a front-end library and styles for each component.

  5. Step 4 Agree to our terms and conditions

    We have temporarily changed our syndication process, solely for these COVID-19 widgets and APIs, in order to make accessing them simpler and easier. We reserve the right to stop this temporary change at any time and to suspend your access. We will not ask you to create an account, but do need to know where they are going to be displayed. We may check this.

    By accessing these COVID-19 widgets or APIs you agree to comply with our syndication terms.

    As you are not required to have an account, we cannot contact you - but you should therefore regularly check back to this page for any updates.

  6. Step 5 Show us what you’ve done (optional)

    Send us a link with the API on your site to